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Modern, water and nature inspired clay jewelry. Affordable luxury, wearable art.

I'm coming back from a recent illness stronger and more  creative than ever! Look for my new 1in8 line that will be added shortly~


Coming from a family of artisans, including classical musician, painters, sculptors and author, I've always been involved in creating some type of art to share with my family, friends and customers.


From hand carving to lathe turning, mosaics; now concentrating my free time on artist's clay, beach stones and pearls to create one of a kind, striking, yet very wearable pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.


My influences come from nature, water - the beauty and inspiring world around us. From the nearby ocean to the lakes that I love, to the surrounding forests and nearby hills.


My visions constantly layer ideas for next my project.


My inspirations come from my joy life, the love of my family, my daughter Lydia and my late son Jacob.

So proud to be worthy of and considered a peer at the Mount Washington Valley Art Association.  2015 Honorable mention in fine craft category:


Proud to be a member of Maine Made: America's Best!







Recent customer comments:

"Thanks for making those for me. Your jewelry is beautiful. My friend I thought they were the best at the craft fair."

"Great conversation! Very personable and full of knowledge about the product. Yeah, I bought a beautiful pendant."

"Love my wave necklaces I got yesterday and all your other designs.i know I will  want to order again from u so please put me on your list...hope you have a successful day today in Hyannis"

All Jewelry Design and Creation by Pohd Design.

Photo credit: Pohd Design


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